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Definitely that's the right thing to do of course, but scammed fund's process is to be charged at fee for free transfer transaction on charge back successfully, however this is not incompetency, we're all undergoing the recovery process to enable the charge back been made you your wallet, we've done all process to enable your BTC been charged back successfully, this is the last process of recharge back from the highest authority on the greatest recharge back wallet and ve comfirmed immediately at your end, so we can be done and been promoted, so you have to consider the process we've been through to have this done for you successfully, your funds is ready to be comfirmed in your wallet from the highest wallet of the authority recharge back
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This website together with,,,, are registered in the same country, US, same State, Arizona, same city, Tempe, same telephone number, same postal and physical address, and all registered through GoDaddy. This essentially mean they are owned by the same person.

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