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I met a lady from the Philippines 3 months ago and her name is Kylie F. Garcia. She worked at Alorica Alphaland, Makati as a Call Center Manager. We started communicating through WhatsApp and talking about work and some personal-related matters. At one point, we talked about charity work and where she got my interest. She told me that she loves doing charity work and even helping people who are less fortunate. I was amazed by her characteristic which gained my trust. Things happened too fast and she was able to convince me to invest in cryptocurrency trading. I have no experience in crypto and did not do my homework to check how this crypto investment work. In short, I invested my trust funds in this crypto trading. At first, I invested a small amount and I was surprised and deceived by the big return on my investment. She told me to invest more so that I can get more profit and can help people in need especially my relatives. I invested a fortune and then it turned out that I cannot withdraw my investment. The trading platform called bitex-change ( or ) asked me to deposit a huge amount of money in order to withdraw my investment. I consulted Kylie on what are these charges and she told me and his so-called trading analyst that this is normal to pay these charges. I followed their advice and pay the extra charges amounting to 91K US dollars. After paying the platform charges I continued the crypto trading with Kylie with the guidance of his trading analyst. Within two months my total investment including my capital grew to 276K USDT (a crypto coin with the same value as US dollars). When I decided to withdraw my investment to start paying back my loans and trust funds and share my profit with my relatives who desperately need help and just found out that I cannot withdraw my investment again. The trading platform wanted me to pay the taxes up-front from my own pocket. I argued with customer service that why I should pay the tax if I did not yet receive the profit. I even asked customer service if they can only return my capital and keep the profit and they answer NO. So, I started searching and asked trading specialists about the trading platform bitex-change and all reviews and answers are all the same this trading platform is bogus. I called Canada CRA to confirm how Canadian citizens pay cryptocurrency tax. Canadian CRA told me to pay the tax when I file my yearly income tax return. Canada CRA told me that they do not accept cryptocurrency as tax payment which is different from what the trading platform told me. I also found out that some Bitex clients were not able to withdraw their money after paying the taxes. I consulted Kylie and his analyst on the best thing to do and shared my findings with them regarding the platform. They both insisted that I need to pay the tax in order to withdraw and get my investment. The tax amount that the trading platform was asking for is $37344.83 US dollars. I told Kylie and his analyst that I do not have money anymore as I invested around $145K US dollars in just two months. I asked them if they can help me as I just need to get my capital, and in return, I will give them my whole profit. They declined to help me and now my account is frozen and not be able to access it. As of now, I’m struggling to pay my loans and I need to start all over again as I lost my retirement savings in this investment SCAM. Is just hard to accept that you trusted someone and treated her as a close friend and put you in this situation and just disappear. I reported my situation and filed a case with the local police station but they told me that there is a very slim of chance recovering my funds. The lesson learned is that don’t trust people easily and do your diligence to do a background check first and only invest what you can afford and don’t be deceived by the big investment return that they promised. Attached is Kylie’s information.

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      • Report #672406 08/01/2023 at 06:24 PM

        Cryptocurrency trading then was changed to in late April 2023.
        Same here. I was scammed by Kylie Garcia, a lady in the Philippines who worked as a Call Center Manager at Alorica Alphaland, Magallanes. I lost a fortune amounting to six figures in CAD dollars. She convinced me that the profits will go to charities and help those less fortunate as well our relatives. She got my trust until I found out that I could not withdraw all my hard-earned money and she just disappeared. Now, I'm struggling to pay my bills. This is the contact information when I used to communicate with her.

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : Kylie


      • Report #684496 09/02/2023 at 09:14 AM

        BEWARE!!! CRYPTO Investment Scammer using a new phone number to attract new prospect. Her name is Kylie Garcia from Manila, Philippines.

        Pseudonym : Kylie G
        Telephone : +639532466934

      • Report #763711 05/13/2024 at 02:11 PM

        Lost more or less $200K. It let you deposit and then later it will block your account and will not be able to withdraw your money. Her alias is Kylie Garcia
        BEWARE of this lady.Probably she is using different alias.

        Pseudonym : Philippines Scammer

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