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Scam contentsThey represent themselves as however, representatives at state they are not related. I have invested almost $60,000 and with trade and interest earnings showing over $113,000 usdt. Early on I was able to withdraw a couple thousand from the site but now when I try to withdraw 5 or 10 thousand the transaction fails stating that my credit score is too low and after talking to their reps the only way to increase credit score and withdraw funds is if I deposit over $50,000 usdt to validate deposit channel. When I click on their online support they will not discuss the matter only to refer me to a WhatsApp number to discuss the credit score situation. After trying attempts to fix the problem they stated the only way to fix it is if I deposit $50,000+ usdt to increase my credit score which then would be able to withdraw funds. My account at is still increasing it’s balance from liquidity staking but I am unable to withdraw the funds. shows the owner of the site as hidden with no contact info. I believe that and are both scam sites because when I reported the problem to, who is the exchange that I used to transfer the crypto currency, they immediately cancelled my account with no explanation telling me to withdraw my funds from kraken in 4 days or I would lose the funds. reports’s owners as hidden
Comment / ReviewPlease update your site to reflect that they are a scam and to avoid them. Notice in the pic attached and their logo at the top of url

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