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Scam contentsPlus sized apparel sale
Comment / ReviewThis shop is claiming to be selling plus sized apparel items but i have reasons to believe that this is likely a scam.
They lack any and all types of content, there's no return or shipping policies, no terms of service, no contact information nothing.
Ordering from this web shop carries immense risk since they are hiding their identity while also selling apparel items at unrealistic prices.
Stay away as you're risking getting your financial data stolen, getting a lower quality product, or getting nothing at all.

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      • Heather Hayes 02/25/2024 at 03:14 PM

        I ordered from this place some 8 months ago 42 dollars worth! They sent the items in a parcel which was tracked and it was marked as delivered with time/date. I knew it had not as I was indoors at that time, so I informed them and they said they would send me a reorder of the same package, which they did. Again it was tracked and again delivered and again I was indoors and no one rang or left a message, no neighbours took any parcels in or saw anything. I informed Selloffshop and they apologised and said they would send a refund via my ordering details. I have been waiting for 5-6 months now and despite 14 or more emails, many of which were answered they still have not refunded my money. Problems seemingly with force majeure factors! I have been getting the runaround, last email went back to them 4 days ago and I know I shall get the standard apology back. Is there any steps I can take to get my money back now....?

        • Abii 02/29/2024 at 10:48 AM

          You could try to get your money back through the bank or cc company you're with, by asking for a Charge back procedure.

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