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CarShield Extended warranty

PseudonymCarShield Extended warranty
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Scam contentsI recently received a letter from a scammer that looks like the one shown below. It said that I haven't contacted them to activate my vehicle service contract and urged me to call them before January 20, 2023. They claimed to be CarShield, but it's clearly a fraudulent attempt.
Comment / ReviewThey have a really bad BBB (Better Business Bureau) score with many complaints already about how they just LOVE to receive payments but do not really offer any of their services.

They failed time and time again to cover repairs for their customers, refused cancellation requests and refuse to offer refunds since their policies are so dodgy.

Their parent company, NRRM LLC, was subject to a class action lawsuit over misleading advertisements and violations of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994.
You can read more about that through this link:,_LLC_et_al

You can find here all the reviews and complains about CarShield here:

Stay away.

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