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Scam contentsAn online dating website where you can match with people with similar interests/age
Comment / ReviewThe first offer you recieve when logging in is this generous offer of 7 days for 0.99, but in reality that offer just transforms into a hefty 70$ fee if you do not cancel the 1 week offer 24h before it ends, practically a subscription ripp-off.
When you first get started you'll be actually getting a lot of messages that look and feel spammy and fake but it's not really a surprise given that this was mentioned in their terms of service:
"MeetMyAge provides you with assistance and guidance through its customer service representatives. We may create some technical member profiles on the Website for testing the Service (“Staff Profiles”)."
There are a ton of fake profiles on here that try REALLY HARD to keep you "entertained" just so you would keep using this overpriced service.
The keyword here is entertainment,
As a conclusion, if you're in for a serious dating experience, as in you'll try and meet up and see where that gets you then don't use this website there are better options out there that would not cost this much and have a better "fake" profile moderation policies, if you're trying to just connect with people online and to just "e-date" then yes this is the website for it.

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      • Report #651163 06/01/2023 at 02:16 PM

        Scam reports that this is a scam alert informing you that your bank will contact you via above mobile scam number
        please alert others

        Telephone : +447897034447

      • Me 12/24/2023 at 05:52 AM

        I signed up for this site 3 days ago using their 7 day trial (I'll be sure to cancel my member ship well before trial period ends), and started getting lot's of chat requests from women much younger than me, some really attractive. I started chatting with some of the women and as mentioned they really do a good job of keeping you going. Most of them seemed to want to steer the conversation towards sex, sorry not into online sex! Most of the women, probably 80% have in their bio they are 5'8", what are the odds of that? I also got the feeling that at least one of the women was AI as some of her answers came way too quick.

      • neguscat 06/18/2024 at 07:41 PM

        I have found very similar to what you have. Quicker than normal responses very similar heights with most. Great looking much younger women but their bios sometimes say they're closer to my age of 63. I found at least two instances of the same bio description for different women. Their credit system is ridiculous (What good does sending little digital gifts do?)
        First, I was being hit up by women who were purported to be around my area, as soon as I started complaining that women would not share anything although they kept on asking Life,

        Likes started coming in from South Africa coming New Zealand, England, Australia, and the not too distant Canada. I mean, really... How could this happen when I chose Madison Wisconsin as my point of reference? There is no radius of preferred distance offered.

        Likely, there are many people, male or female, who are manning keyboards somewhere for this Reykjavík Iceland based company, who are varied in the way they respond, and sometimes supernormal typists.

        Essentially, this is a chat site, but in that it's a ridiculous financial drain for people who are not aware of how deceptive the site is. If being a penpal to people who probably are elsewhere in the world than what is claimed, It may very well be a comfortable deception.

        Grade F

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