Other Scam : kamiya@n-messcud.jp


Fraudulent emailkamiya@n-messcud.jp
Scam contentskamiya@n-messcud.jp updated the SAM.gov entity registration for {{LBN}}, Unique Entity ID {{UEI}}, in SAM.gov on 2023-03-07.

You are receiving this email because you are an Entity Administrator for this entity in SAM.gov.

kamiya@n-messcud.jp identified themselves as not being an employee, officer, or board member of {{LBN}}, and listed contractual agreement dates with this entity of {{CREATED_DATE}} to {{EXPIRATION_DATE}}.

kamiya@n-messcud.jp also listed {{POC}} as the authorized point of contact for {{LBN}}, Unique Entity ID {{UEI}}.

If you think this message has been received in error, please contact the Federal Service Desk.
This email was sent from SAM.gov
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