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Fraudulent emailcollection@auerwittethiel.com
PseudonymAuer Witte Thiel
Telephone+49 89 590683145 (ou 004989590683145) (more info)
Scam contentsDear Sir Shaw,

Your file is now in the Litigation Department. You had ample opportunity to pay our
client's claim, which now amounts to 83,59 EUR and originates from using the justshagscouk
online service, in whole or in instalments. Your behaviour now forces us to
obtain an enforceable instrument against you from the court and then instruct the
bailiff with jurisdiction to levy compulsory execution therewith.

If this is not successful, we shall serve garnishment notices. After a declaration in lieu
of an oath has been made we shall also take further steps. In view of the costs and
unpleasantness these actions will entail for you, we can only urgently appeal to you
again to settle your debts now. You can also still discuss with us a very moderate
payment by instalments and an additional waiver of interest. To do so you have only
to send us an e-mail, fax or letter.

We can only urge you to discharge your obligations immediately or at least offer in
writing to pay reasonable monthly instalments. Please note that we must set a deadline
of 08.02.2023 for the out-of-court settlement of the matter of the debt. You are
asked to adhere to this deadline by all means. Afterwards we will be unable to make
you any further concessions.

Yours sincerely,

Auer Witte Thiel
Bayerstraße 27
D-80335 München
Mail: collection@auerwittethiel.com
Telefax: +49 (0)89/ 59 06 83 145

Bank details for the transfer

Postbank (Giro)
IBAN: DE76 7001 0080 0005 2018 07
Comment / ReviewHave received several of these emails and the case number keeps changing and the so called deadline always gets pushed back!!

One deadline was on Boxing Day and I've only had more emails no letter or anything

Hope this is useful

Stuart Shaw

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