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Scam contents1) The scam sites lure investors into its fraudulent crypto trading platforms to chase high and grow, then suddenly the entire invested sum is EATEN like by a whale. It appears to do so by using some kind of dirty algorithm where a relatively small loss is multiplied to >100% (yes, a loss of >100%)!
2) When investors want to withdraw their assets out of the scam sites, it prevents them to do so. Their money is forced to stay until to be eaten one day.
3) Factual experience suggests that someone or the trading mechanism itself at hacks your computer by popping up a flashing error message when you click to close a position. This intercepts your closing attempt and boosts the losses to a level that is multiplied to >100%!

Behind these scam sites are individuals who hide their identities and use Iceland address and phone # at its domain registrar, which is odd. The same tactics and identical address and contact information were used by caught ransomware criminals as reported by ( Do you get the picture?
Comment / ReviewGateEx is a highly developed cryptocurrency 'exchange' with at least three (3) domain names: where people can trade and lose money. If you have an account with only one of these sites, you will surprisingly find that you can also log into the other site even though you never knew it (security risk)!

DO NOT use this so-called crypto exchange and these sites where you will lose all your money !!

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