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Scam contentsDear _____-,

Your application for the position of Administrative Assistant
was approved by the Department of Personnel.
After you provide all necessary documents
and agree to the wages offered, we are ready for you to start anytime.

At FoxSter Ltd, each employee is an important member of the company.
Personalized assistance will be provided to you.

Accordingly, the smallest details will be taken into consideration
for more comfortable performance of your duties.
All employees have the opportunity to develop
and enhance their knowledge and skills.
For this purpose the appropriate environment
will be created along with necessary assistance and support.

Congratulations on your new position.

Next steps to continue the process:
1. Employment Agreement : complete, print, sign, scan, and send back.
2. Employee Confidentiality Agreement : complete, print, sign, scan, and send back.
3. Document confirming your identity* : scan and send back.

*-In order to confirm your identity,
you need to send your identity certificate.
Your document will be used for audit purposes
and will be stored in a secure place.
You can use a scanner /digital camera/webcam.

At this time if you still have any questions
or need any clarifications, please contact me.
I am here to help you.

If you are satisfied with our proposal
and are ready to accept our offer of employment,
fill out a copy of the employment contract
and return it back to me within 2-3 days.

After signing the documents, we will schedule a face-to-face zoom interview.

In case I do not receive your reply within this period,
the proposal will be automatically withdrawn.
My best wishes in your new position.

Best regards,

Hsiao-Wen Huang
Hiring Manager

FoxSter Ltd
Tel:+1 (613) 707-2557
Comment / ReviewHello, from what I see, he/she continues to scam under the same practice, I am sorry to inform you that I have been one of his victims, through a published vacancy it was his first contact, then he contacted me by mail on September 28, 2022, later he sent documents for signature and personal data to start with the alleged contract. Subsequently, the contact and the work instructions (conduct interviews) were through the telegram and zoom platform, and then never pay

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