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Scam contentsThis online store is selling different Christmas decorating products, enticing people into buying with very low prices.
Comment / ReviewThey claim to launch a last-day discount to stress people into buying. However, once customers place an order, they disappear without sending them their goods.
The website is being copied from other businesses, and this is a huge red flag. A genuine business would have its own theme, content, pictures, and data.
The email address provided is connected to another
It's better to not shop from here and keep a good distance from it.
there is many similar and identical websites to this one, i will mention some of them below:

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      • Report #591218 01/09/2023 at 05:51 PM

        I ordered 2 pairs of shoes order

        tracking YT12235521272290621
        Shipping dept 18230 150th Rd
        Springfield Gardens, NY 11413-4015
        The bar code on the package is 1LSCZ5A001CPXRT

        The shoes are the wrong size and does not match the picture of the ad that appeared on facebook.
        I want to return and get my money back. I paid $78.43

        Pseudonym : Happy Shop (Sopchoppy, FL or Kanawas or cosmor tumbler

        initial order
        shipping label. arrived 1/09/23

        • Francis Barber 01/31/2023 at 03:13 PM

          The batteries supplied with the 8(SL) Gyro Remote Control Four Axis Aircraft are all defective so send me the address so I can return the unit for a full refund.

        • edmondchan 03/19/2023 at 08:58 PM

          hi i go buy the glass case samsung note 10 from happy shop . matasel .com . but they just send me the broken item . the item the case glass was broken it and i was waiting for the return shipping label . what can i do . please help me please !!!!

        • dougnich 03/22/2023 at 04:18 PM

          They are a total RIP off. Received the handheld vacuum and it does not work as advertised at all. Don't order from this comapny.

        • romeo king 03/30/2023 at 07:08 PM

          the product i ordered does not do as advertised at al i have been taken for the fool i am, please do not waste your time or your money by ordering from this company.

        • Sharron 04/07/2023 at 11:22 AM

          shoes do not fit and i need a return method and a refund

        • HBonnie 04/07/2023 at 07:37 PM

          Add showed full size bottles they sent tiny half full bottles, I want to do a return and stop payment..

        • Kendall Holloway 04/11/2023 at 01:13 PM

          This is a scam. The item I ordered did not fit (and I went by their size guide). Package did not come with a return label and they will not reply to my message. No phone number to call to speak to customer service. I’d be afraid to even return the items if they did send me a return label, that they wouldn’t give me a refund or exchange, and I’d just be out the money.

        • Gary 04/12/2023 at 09:41 AM

          The pants I ordered were way too small. How do I contact you about a refund and a return of product?

        • Toni 04/12/2023 at 11:42 AM

          I ordered shoes from this company and they were the wrong color and not anything similar to what was pictured on the Facebook Ad. I am trying to reach the company and can not reach anyone. I believe I have been robbed of my money. $84.93 is the amount I wish returned.

        • charles 04/15/2023 at 12:26 AM

          I order the Bubble Cleaner which I did not get instruction for the use. I contact their support group and act as if they don't understand what I am questing, and that's not good business. They want to charge money for help .

        • Kathy 04/15/2023 at 10:28 AM

          I ordered a pair of shoes because of the "so-called" half price and the brand showing as "Clark" shoes, which is a high quality brand. The shoes I received are plastic, uncomfortable, and a total scam. I'm disgusted with the advertising, and the quality of their product! I wish I could leave this review on the Facebook site that advertised them!

        • RON 04/19/2023 at 11:13 AM

          I ordered a NewLy Liah repair patch for my car. I have yet to hear from them or receive it. Itwas ordered on4/6/23. It has been 13 days so far.

        • ace 05/02/2023 at 12:45 PM

          I bought what was supposed to be this Real bright flashlight, what they sent is soo dim, it's unreal, waste of money. Can't contact them.

        • Leta 05/19/2023 at 10:39 AM

          I too got scammed. Shoes were wrong size and wasn't even close to what I ordered. Unable to contact!!!

        • Mary 05/19/2023 at 10:50 AM

          Same with me, ordered 2 pairs of the orthopedic shoes, the site popped up while I was on Twitter!!! Ordered a size 7, they are more like a size 5

        • Jeannie 06/01/2023 at 04:22 PM

          I ordered the bird feeder that deters squirrels. It is made so cheaply that it’s unbelievable. The bird seed pours out of the feeding holes, and the tube holding the seeds is made out of plastic so thin it doesn’t hold it shape! There is no return address on the packaging. Talk about a rip off!

        • Michelle 06/08/2023 at 01:05 PM

          I paid for 3 pairs of shoes. Cheaply made and didn't fit. I used the measurements that was displayed on website. I was offered 20% refund or replacements of the same shoes. When I explained that it wasn't that I didn't like the color, it that it was so cheap and wouldn't be a good product in any size and color. I was told that they would not refund me.

        • Pattik 06/10/2023 at 03:04 AM

          I would like to return the tank top with built in Bra! I ordered the three pack

        • Cheryl Kees 06/15/2023 at 12:09 AM

          I would like to return the shoes I ordered on May 5 that I just received today. They are cheaper looking than a dollar store shoe. The size was correct but the craftmanship looks like children tried to make them. They would not last a day before falling apart. I will return for a refund if they will refund me. please

        • CORKY 06/15/2023 at 01:01 AM


        • Johnnie 06/15/2023 at 11:22 AM

          Ordered a scooter May 3, 2023 haven't received it as of yet tried t call or email company with no luck.

        • Terry 06/15/2023 at 12:58 PM

          Ordered a pair of women's sandals that arrived damaged. There appears to be no obvious way to contact the company for a return.

        • dorys 08/01/2023 at 03:32 PM

          I need the address to return items that are to small (3 bras)

        • Grandma 08/18/2023 at 06:44 PM

          Once again I was taken in by a Facebook ad, Will I never learn!! TruTrendy bra looked so comfy. I ordered a large and it will probably fit my daughter who is 30 lbs lighter than me and wears a small. No reason to try to return it because you cant get there from here LOL

        • Cinnamon 09/26/2023 at 09:41 PM

          I ordered their 3 package cotton, no wire, bras and they arrived for flat chested people even though I specifically identified my size and item color preference. Trying to get an exchange for the correct size and no one has replied to the email support address that arrived with the items.

        • Steve 10/05/2023 at 12:21 PM

          I did not order these USB BBQ Lighters !

        • 10/21/2023 at 06:14 PM

      • Debi 02/01/2023 at 12:12 PM

        Received a phonecover broken and cannot reach anyone to recify

      • Debi 02/01/2023 at 12:13 PM

        Received broken phone case and cannot reach anyone to review the situation

      • Report #618828 03/09/2023 at 03:23 AM

        The website is deceiving customers by sending them items they didn't order.
        The website is defrauding customers by sending them products that do not match what they actually ordered.
        The website is promoting fake ads on social media, claiming to be selling a variety of products at a reduced rate; however, it's a scam.
        Their email address is not responsive and is already connected to many other frauds, some of which are reported here:
        The website is also providing the names of two fake companies to make people believe in their legitimacy.
        In fact, those companies have already been found on other problematic websites, and they have no association with this online shop.
        Be cautious and stay away from such websites.

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : Happy Shop Cosmor Tumblr Pte Ltd

        low prices
        Fake companies information

      • Report #635667 04/19/2023 at 02:16 PM

        Leather Orthopedic Arch Support Sandals Diabetic Walking Sandals Light Brown, 6
        Item# WalkingSandals_SD6LBrS1-1
        I should have listened to my inner voice, but the shoes shouted louder. From what I have gathered, the shoes are far inferior to Clark's (as advertised) and shipped wrong sizes. The help line does nothing, and apparently there is no help in returning unwanted shoes. I ordered mine on the 8th of April and they got my money from Pay Pal on the 11th. (Shoes shipped.) Today is the 19th and so far, nothing.

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD

        • Gail 05/25/2023 at 08:04 AM

          To date I have not received the sandals purchased in May. Payment showed on my bank account on May 3, 2023.
          Reference #9173180213
          CD 3271 4029357733
          Please refund if I am not getting the product. Thank you.

        • Jan Tompkins 05/26/2023 at 09:59 AM

          I received 3 pairs of tennis shoes they are to big and uncomfortable I need to return them and get a refund how do I do that? ID #9GF79506WG9040949 $112.00.

        • Heather 05/31/2023 at 12:49 PM

          The 'Sqirrel Proof' Bird Feeder I received yesterday (May 30, 2023) was not the bird feeder I saw in the video and very poor quality. I waited a month to receive with no correspondence and no means of tracking. The item was paid for on day of purchase. Please forward instructions on how to return and refund.

        • Donna 06/01/2023 at 12:07 PM

          I bought the bird feeder,squirrel twirler item. Very cheaply made,terrible inept product!!

          I want a refund! Refund $44.40.

        • steve 06/01/2023 at 01:33 PM

          Same here, bought the bird feeder, not same as video and super cheap, want to return.

        • Linda 06/02/2023 at 11:41 AM

          I also received the bird feeder and it was very cheap . wasn't worth the money It shows on the video it has apiece in the middle and this one does not have it. I want to return it .please send me a return label and my money back

        • Judith 06/05/2023 at 10:27 AM

          Requesting a refund. Squirrel proof birdfeeder was NOT as represented.

          No motor or any way to turn mechanism. Smaller than shown, flimsey plastic. Does not work

        • Judith 06/05/2023 at 10:30 AM

          What I receivedwas not as advertized

        • AURORA R VILLAGRACIA 06/17/2023 at 02:07 AM

          I bought a tool for removing weeds and the product has no instruction, the screws do not fit and there's no rod that came with the product. I want a full refund for $34.30.

        • Tim Siegfried 07/06/2023 at 09:14 AM

          I ordered the tool for weeding and it arrived without the blade attachment. I either need a new one sent or a complete refund. I was quite disappointed when it finally arrived.

        • fae 07/15/2023 at 01:05 PM

          I orderd Jun 30th and as of yet no sandels.

        • fae 07/15/2023 at 01:11 PM

          Is there a way to contact them?

        • VATom 08/06/2023 at 06:53 PM

          I purchased a camera from them, absolutely a piece of junk. When I complained they offered a full refund if I return it them in Vietnam or I could keep it and get a 25% refund requested the refund 4 times and get no response. PayPal was no help.

        • Rossana 08/08/2023 at 10:45 AM

          I ordered a tool for weeding, and it didn't come with no instructions. No rod, I paid. $34.30 I want a full refund.

        • Toni 08/10/2023 at 11:21 AM

          ordered a front closure bra - it doesn't fit - replace or refund -help, please.

        • Armand Coallier 08/18/2023 at 01:03 PM

          I ordered plastic false teeth and they are a joke, where can I request a refund, I looked on line for information from TruTrendy, and support@buyercen and found nothing helpful.

        • Dia 08/28/2023 at 11:42 AM

          This company is a total FRAUD. Have not received my sandals.

        • Jayne 09/15/2023 at 12:33 PM

          Guess I will just write off this purchase (front closure bra) no way to return or refund.

        • Fredda 09/18/2023 at 07:49 AM

          I ordered the Buckle Bra set of 2 (black& beige) in Large, Does not fit & I want to returnn for a full refund. I cannot find any instructions to return them.

        • Anne 10/24/2023 at 07:12 PM

          The bras I bought are too small. Who do I call or contact for a refund?

      • jane 04/20/2023 at 06:28 PM

        received a pair of shoes from happy is, never ordered shoes dont know where to send back

      • G.Hastad 05/01/2023 at 10:00 AM

        Ordered a pair on sandles on 4-8-23 from LushmoPTE.LTD.COSMORTumbler..Never received a confirmation # after ordering, have never seen the sandals, nor any update..
        After researching their website now, reading they are fraud !

        Darn! I usually research before ordering anything on the web;, this one looked legit and I was in a hurry.

        Get them off the website!!

      • Report #641965 05/05/2023 at 05:25 AM

        the website is a scam
        The website is trying to scam people by pretending to offer shoes and clothes at very low prices. however, never sends orders.
        The website's email address is linked to another scam reported here: 
        Most likely, these scammers are operating from different domain names.
        The pictures posted have been lifted from other websites, and the content is being copied.the company information provided COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD. has been found on multiple problematic websites, and many people have posted negative reviews about it.

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : Happy Shop

        Fake website

      • Report #642077 05/05/2023 at 11:05 AM

        Leather Orthopedic Arch Support Sandals Diabetic Walking Sandals
        Placed an order for these shoes April 13. First order they reported lost, now second order is just hanging in the wind, bogus updates, bad tracking number.

        Url / Website :

        • CB 05/05/2023 at 02:11 PM

          I got a pair of sneakers and they are too big...would like to
          exchange them...any chance of that happening?

        • Phyllis French 05/30/2023 at 04:51 PM

          I bought 2 pair Women’s Casual Walking Sneakers Orthopedic ArchDiabetesSupport 2023. 1 black and blue. Order Order date April 21, 2023. I paid 73.54 for the two pair.
          I would like to return them . They are too narrow for my foot and will not fit. Please let me know how to return these items.

        • Shari Pass 05/31/2023 at 01:53 AM

          Purchased a pair of shoes and they are so poorly made they are not worth the money. I want a refund.

        • Rebecca 06/09/2023 at 05:40 PM

          These sandals are by far the worst shoes I have ever purchased. Had I paid $5.00 for them it would have been too much. I ordered a 37 and received a 38 way too big,
          The quality and workmanship are very inferior to anything I have ever seen.
          Shame on you for selling these!!!!

        • Anita 08/11/2023 at 05:21 PM

          I ordered two pair of bras. They came but are way,way too small. I need to return these. How do I return them?

        • Vern 08/12/2023 at 02:41 AM

          I bought 2 bras never rec'd them.

        • Vickie 08/22/2023 at 11:03 PM

          I have also ordered bras that are too small. I would like to return them. How can I do that? 8/22/23. They are not U.S. sizes!

        • Linda 08/28/2023 at 03:29 PM

          I also ordered 2 bras that are too small and cannot talk with anyone to get an address to return them, this is another scam.

        • Linda 08/28/2023 at 03:33 PM

          I want my money back!

        • Susan 09/20/2023 at 02:57 PM

          I need to return two bras. How do I do that? No way to contact this company.

          Looks like from the reviews I am out of luck.

          Fair warning to all - do not order items from social media ads, i.e., Facebook.

        • Betty 09/30/2023 at 08:53 AM

          I bought two bras that are too small.. I ordered my normal size of 40 D… They didn’t even snap and the bust size was way too small… What do I need to do to return these?

        • Kathy Windover 10/22/2023 at 01:28 PM

          Bought 2 bras and they are nothing like you see in the advertisement, cup way to small and straps way too long; want my money back. Send me how do this now!

      • Report #645371 05/15/2023 at 12:23 PM

        The product was shipped from a Vernon, CA warehouse. When I opened the shoes the fumes were so noxious both my daughter and I immediately got headaches. I sealed them back in the bag and contacted the company who insisted the shoes could only be returned to Vietnam for a full refund. The initially offered 15% and then 30%.
        Hi Allie,

        Thank you for reaching out to us.

        First and foremost, I would like to apologize for everything that you have gone through since the product was not what you expected.

        According to our policy, we're happy to send a free replacement if there is product quality problem. Unfortunately, it seems that the replacement can not solve your problem.

        If you want to return, I'm sorry that you have to pay the shipping fee back to our return warehouse in Asia. However, the charge would be high due to geographical distance, so the returning option is not our first recommendation.

        Alternatively, we would like to offer 15% refund on your current order. You can keep the product or donate to someone who may need it. How do you think, Allie? Actually, I think this offer is a better deal rather than choosing to return.

        I hope you understand my attempts to fulfill your request and that we've made every effort to arrange the best deal for you, Allie!

        Note: The address in the label is not our return warehouse. We are not responsible for a refund if the customer returns to that address.

        Please consider this offer and let me know your thoughts... Read more

        • taterbughanes 06/09/2023 at 12:21 PM

          I too just went through everything as posted above. I finally ended up with a 35% refund of $13.36.

        • Linda Smith 07/10/2023 at 10:04 AM

          I bought some advertised Clark cloud steppers & waited a month for delivery. Stated 7 day quality guarantee, replacement or exchange. Received cheap sandals, not any resemblance to Clark sandals. Total rip off! Returns must be sent to Viet Nam when mailed from Illinois. Offered 20% refund to keep shoes instead of returning to Nam. PayPal needs to alert customers to these scams. Scam goes under names of Tru Trendy, Happy, Cosmor Tumblr Pte. Ltd.

        • discusted 09/19/2023 at 09:46 PM

          I ordered Clark sandals. The sandals I received were nothing comparable to what I ordered. They advertised an orthopedic well made sandal. I received a sandal with absolutely no arch. The sandal looks to be made with no expertise, very poor skills.DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS ....PLACE!

        • Stacey 11/01/2023 at 02:24 PM

          I ordered 2 pair of orthopedic slip ons with support. What I received was nothing like the advertisement. When questioned about return/refund, they stated I would have to send them to the Viet Nam address. This is absurd. Advertise one product, pay, and receive something cheap. Very disappointed.

        • Loretta Bartek 11/06/2023 at 11:53 AM

          I wished I would of seen this before Hand .. So mad right now. Ordered a clothing item and ordered in XL , received and it a X Small . Tried telling them I wanted to send it back for a full refund, once I realized it came from Vietnam , they offered me a 20% refund and when I told them NO , they offered me a 50% refund if I would keep item . Once I said NO to that , they told me it was going to cost more to send it back to them but finally gave me an address. PAY PAL is no help , Ive told them this company is a scam and they said they will try and get shipping back from them . Makes me wonder if they are not in on this scam with them .

      • Report #646430 05/18/2023 at 07:47 AM

        I bought a pair of orthopedic sandals and they were too small and made using cheap material. I emailed the company to let them know and they refuse to give me information on how to return the sandals for a refund. When I insisted the send me an address in Vietnam and when I google the address it said it was apartment in Vietnam. I informed them of that and still they refuse to refund my money. The only want to give me $15 and I spend $68 on the sandals.
        I want my money back

        Url / Website :

      • Report #649381 05/27/2023 at 12:20 PM

        i received a squirrel proof bird feeder that was cheap and plastic. Birds wanted nothing to do with it. When I went to website to get return authorization, I was directed to webside named howly to pay for any resolution of issue, The company is located in Hong Kong. No phone # to call. What a ripoff!
        Terrible item in plastic. Not like it was reported to be. No one to speak to regarding return authorization even though I was given a website. Ad for item said it could be returned for refund. What a joke. No one to hlep

        Pseudonym : USA America Shop

      • agge 05/27/2023 at 07:07 PM

        Also ordered a pair of sandals a long time ago. Finally got them today.
        The quality is so poor it's laughable! Material is glued to the sole and will come loose any minute! These slippers can not be worn outside.Terrible scam. What ever price I paid was too much! Must remember do NOT buy anything from ads on Face Book!!
        Company called Happy Shop.NOT HAPPY!!

      • Report #649528 05/28/2023 at 09:31 AM

        fraudulent glasses and they will not refund but 50 percent of my money

        Your package has arrived!

        HAPPY SHOP
        May 18, 2023, 6:12 AM (10 days ago)
        Great news—your order has been delivered. Your order has been delivered ❤ Dear Debbie Clifton, The wait is over! The following items of your order

        Debbie C
        May 27, 2023, 8:51 AM (23 hours ago)
        Why don’t you stop scamming people. I’m not frustrated I am extremely angry that I fell for a scam. I want 100 perce...
        Your package has arrived!

        HAPPY SHOP
        May 18, 2023, 6:12 AM (10 days ago)
        Great news—your order has been delivered. Your order has been delivered ❤ Dear Debbie Clifton, The wait is over! The following items of your order

        Debbie C
        May 27, 2023, 8:51 AM (23 hours ago)
        Why don’t you stop scamming people. I’m not frustrated I am extremely angry that I fell for a scam. I want 100 percent.

        HAPPY SHOP
        3:01 AM (5 hours ago)
        to me

        Hi Debbie,

        I hope you're having a great day!

        I do understand how frustrated you are, and we are genuinely sorry that we couldn't bring you full satisfaction at your first shopping experience with us.

        I have just worked again with the billing team with the hope to offer a better refund rate for you. However, as you may know, we have to bear a lot of fees to produce and ship the order, and our tight budget does not allow us to give you the higher refund rate. We wish for your understanding for our current situation.

        I... Read more

      • Report #649796 05/29/2023 at 09:48 AM

        fraudulent advertising.
        Ordered 1 item, received another item inferior to item ordered. CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP

        Url / Website :

      • Report #650250 05/30/2023 at 11:32 AM

        the website is linked to a scam network operated by COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD.
        The website claims to be selling various types of products at a discounted rate, but it's a scam.
        The website is linked to a scam network operated by a shell company named Cosmor Tumblr Pte. Ltd.
        This company has been reported by many people and has scammed a lot of internet users.
        The email address provided has been found in other scams reported here. 
        Be careful, and do not trust them with your money.

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : Happy shop / COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD.

        Fraudulent website

      • Report #652217 06/05/2023 at 10:07 AM

        The website is linked to the COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD. scam network. This company has been reported by many people and has been found on multiple problematic websites.
        The email address has already been reported here by many online users:
        Please be cautious and do not order anything from them.

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : Happy shop

        Fraudulent website

      • Report #656158 06/15/2023 at 05:22 PM

        ordered three big adventures decoration to put in flowers said made of metal
        got them so thin what part was metalt busted while unwrapping and rest was plastic... paid 49.95 a piece for these and how do I get money back
        when I put in the email to complain to them I got webssite popped up

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : HappyShop, cosmortumblr pte. ltd, Lushmo Pte.Ltd, Hocus LLC

      • Jme 07/08/2023 at 11:15 PM

        I have learned my lesson. I will never buy from anyone who advertises on Facebook.. I fell for their gimmicks three times and all three came from China and took longer than any purchase should take. Even forgot I had ordered two of the items. This last one I tried (and actually thought I did) cancel the purchase. They ask for a reason why I was cancelling and I told them that it was brought to my attention that this was coming from China and I wanted nothing that was coming from China. Today the item arrived much to my surprise. The inserted card said that if the product was defective I could return it for a full refund (minus delivery charges) or a replacement. They did give me the website. Something needs to be done about these scammers. It would have to be returned 7 days after the shipping date. How do you know when the shipping date was. Coming from China it was probably 6 weeks ago.

      • LobsterhandztheMovie 07/24/2023 at 01:46 PM

        This company likely steals your information once you go to thier site to initiate return or engae in emails with them. Do not Engage thee buycenter help site

      • Report #678644 08/18/2023 at 01:06 AM

        50% off on German made LED extra brightbFLASHLIGHT
        14 TO 20 DAYS TO RECEIVE
        PAID FOR WITH PAYPAL paid on Aug 17- 2023
        Stop dead in process

      • Report #699515 10/11/2023 at 04:46 AM

        The website claims to be selling women's bras at very cheap prices; however, it's actually a scam.
        suspiciously, you can only find one item on this website. This is a huge red flag.
        The business address provided has been used by many other scam websites and does not belong to this website.
        The email address provided has been found on multiple other scam websites reported here:
        The website is a scam, and customers may receive poor-quality items, wrong sizes, or nothing at all from them.

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : TruTrendy

      • Report #700743 10/15/2023 at 12:23 AM

        Purchase of 2 iPhone clips for cars but does not fit iphone
        Just piece of junks will not fit Iphone

        Pseudonym : Trutrendy or cosmor

      • Lucie 10/20/2023 at 09:31 PM

        This style and concept are good. However my large bust requires a more a substantial cross over to support to my large bust of 36 DDDD. The stretch lace is not supportive enough. Please let me know if you produce a more sturdy cross over style. Would be happy to try a firmer support bra.

        Kind regards,
        Lucie Mansfield

      • Report #709041 11/11/2023 at 09:45 PM

        Advertised pants. Wrong waist size advertised 44" only 34", wrong I seam., advertised 33" only 29"
        Refused to refund.

        Pseudonym : Cosmor Tumblr PTE LTD

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