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Telephone+1 530-359-0084 (ou 0015303590084)
Scam contentsAlert Scammers ! , pretend to have an online cross border mall in united states. I was introduced to haremark by a chinese girl from Hong-Kong .
She helped me to open a store at this mall. I invested 5000usdt during one month into the store and then they refused that i could withdraw any money from my balance. They started threatening, panishing, cheating, insulting me. They asked for a deposit of 1500 usdt to be able to continue operating my store and when i refused to do so, they blocked me and freeze my 5000 usdt positive balance furthermore, they blocked my store and took my fund of 5000usdt with threat and insults. And disappear with my money.
This web site is certainly fraudulent scammers maybe Chinese operating by proxy website registered in Arizona. They use a WhatsApp number to communicate by texting only with theirs victimes :
1 5303590084.. they never answered a phone call.
These scammers should be taking down before many victims falls to theirs elaborated scam.
Alert ⚠ scammers
Comment / ReviewWarning ⚠ is a fraudulent webside. you will never be able to withdraw your money ones you participate in theirs well elaborate scams.

Warning to all!

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      • rlarltjr 11/03/2022 at 02:05 PM

        I met a French woman on the app and she told me that she was making a lot of money on a site called And he enticed me by introducing me to a supplier in London and offering to teach me how to make money by opening a store on the site. But it was all lies. I tried to withdraw my accumulated money, but the store was frozen. Then they ask for a $2,000 deposit. I was convinced that even if I paid $2,000, I wouldn't get my principal. It's all my money. Please help me...

        • phillipe 11/04/2022 at 03:57 AM

          It's a one man show added with a Chinese girl to trap victimes into their delusional mall.
          It's easy to have international phones numbers while you live in china.

          Warning Chinese scammers .
          No trust. don't fall for the charms of Narcissisme

      • phillippe 11/03/2022 at 03:23 PM

        You didn't meet a french woman , you met a scammer with a language translator
        who scam you out of your money.
        Don't go back there . file complaint to ftc and the fbi, and the interpol

      • Report #565728 11/09/2022 at 01:34 AM

        Warning !!! ⚠ warning is a Chinese fraudulent website.
        They stoll 5000usft from me and abuseof my trust..

        Warning! never go there ,you will never see your money again
        Warning Chinese scammers website highly manipulative to steal your money

        Url / Website :

      • Krisztian 11/11/2022 at 02:10 PM

        Hello, I saw that someone else is a victim just like me. I'm very sorry that this could happen. I'm writing so that others don't make mistakes!
        I sent more than $5000 to the online store.
        I received a very collected story from a Chinese girl.
        He said he also has an online store and it works very well for him, I should try it too. Unfortunately, I tried it, now I've lost more than $5000 and I don't know what to do

        • phillipe 11/11/2022 at 04:21 PM

          I suggest that you start forgetting about your lost fund .
          To help others not to fall into those Chinese elaborate scam. I suggest that you
          file a complaint to your local police and they will contact the Interpol for further information.
          You could also file another complaint to us consummer protections , and the fbi.
          It's a question of time until they bust them.
          Warning! chinese scammers on

      • phillipe 11/11/2022 at 04:24 PM

        The are playing a low profile nowadays. they changed their phone numbers, maybe their tactics too.
        Be aware of those chinese scammers using languages translators. they are international scammers

      • phillipe 12/01/2022 at 12:36 AM

        warning fraud

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