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Scam contents“About giveaway 🎉
We believe that BTC & ETH will make the world more fair. To speed up the process of cryptocurrency mass adoption, Ethereum and Coinbase decided to run 5,000 BTC & 50,000 ETH giveaway for all crypto holders!

How to participate ?
To participate you just need to send from (0.1 BTC to 30 BTC) or (0.5 ETH to 500 ETH) to the contribution address and we will immediately send you back (0.2 BTC to 60 BTC) or (1 ETH to 1,000 ETH) (x2) to the address you sent it from.“
Comment / ReviewThis is a scam. This “event” is NOT being hosted by Vitalik Buterin/Ethereum Foundation, they’re being impersonated. Do not give these scammers any of your crypto - they will not “double your crypto”, nor will you receive a “giveaway prize”. If you give them your crypto, it will be gone forever.
On YouTube, scammers are posting videos and livestreams to promote their websites. The videos are deepfaked videos of popular figures (e.g., Elon Musk) giving testimonials about the websites, and the livestreams are old interviews with various well-known CEOs and the websites’ URLs pasted somewhere on the screen, in the videos’ descriptions, or in the live chat boxes.

YouTube removes content like this if it’s flagged. If you see the deepfaked videos, you can flag them for “Misinformation” - this policy prohibits deepfakes. Or, if you come across the livestreams, you can flag them for “Spam/Misleading content” or “Harmful/Dangerous acts” - the former policy prohibits the use of deception to lead people to different websites, and the latter policy prohibits the promotion of grey-area and illegal activities, including cryptocurrency.

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