Scam using Paypal +12445634988

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Telephone+1 244-563-4988 (ou 0012445634988)
Scam contents36$ shoes Adidas
36$ shoes Noke Jordan
36$ washing machine Siemens
32$ Women Reebok shoes
32$ excavator Hitachi 420HP
39$ Nike dress + free delivery
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!!!People,Be Aware.!We are polish,we worked out thise scammers in about two weeks time.Payement received,stuff didn't arrive to N.Y.
Polpular scam,fake website,no contact number provided
.!! Be carefull,think before you make any order !! Ok.

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      • Report #529700 08/03/2022 at 11:16 AM

        Bought furniture and paid via PayPal however the scam site somehow marked my payment as a charity. The outlook email address attached to the account is
        The email address on the site is which is a fake email address that bounces back and the palmerfetcher one doesn’t answer emails
        Pleas find a way to shut this illegal scam company down

        Url / Website :

        • gauloises 08/20/2022 at 05:53 AM

          I confirm that this is a scam site, bought clothes in and only a fraudulent email arrived .. be careful

          service11 18 agosto 2022 11:25
          Rispondi a:

        • David 08/21/2022 at 08:56 PM

          Scam site. I bought a rather expensive watch, four weeks later I received a pair of sunglasses.

          Never again.

        • Giel 09/02/2022 at 06:46 AM

          ordered a t-shirt and did get a pink fisherhat . get no responce .
          indeed a scamsite .

        • MayB 09/02/2022 at 08:06 AM

          Hello, try to contact your credit company or bank for a chargeback.
          The link below may provide you with further information:

        • Will 09/02/2022 at 01:15 PM

          How can a shit market like this be allowed to operate with so many complaints from people clearly getting screwed! Does anybody do anything to stop or correct scammers like this! Lucky for me l recognized auction items they listed on their site that are on ebay right now and still on the process of being auctioned! Bullshit!!

        • Sheryl 09/13/2022 at 05:58 AM

          I ordered a cap and it never arrived. I complained to be told it was lost in transit not their fault and offered 30% back. These people should not be able advertise in the UK a total scam.

        • Griffy 09/20/2022 at 05:22 AM

          I ordered a couple of hats and it never arrived. I was also told it was in transit, not their fault and they offered less than 30% back. Never got even that. It's a total scam. Beware and keep checking your bank accounts even later for money drawn out.

        • Delfin 10/08/2022 at 01:59 AM

          hello i think they also using this email adress
          i bought sandals ( the webside looked very simular to the official webside of Teva.

          they also offert me 40% refund, also because it got lost in transit :)

        • Stijn Jans 10/17/2022 at 09:55 AM

          Me too. I bought shoes, one pair of 94euro and 74 euro. Its a fake site: kenrusselmiami.

          Don't buy!!

        • Melody 10/27/2022 at 12:38 PM

          Crap!… I guess I’ve been scammed by them too! I ordered two necklaces for $90 and they sent me sunglasses… said they are out of stock but offered 50% refund. I’m so upset!

        • fnan 10/27/2022 at 03:51 PM

          I have bought a product too, one month a go didn't receive anything. when I emailed them they don't respond. is there any way we can get our many back from the bank?

        • MayB 10/28/2022 at 03:01 AM

          Hello, have you tried contacting your credit card company for a refund?

        • MayB 10/28/2022 at 03:02 AM

          Hello, you can try the chargeback method to get your money back:
          The link below may help you:

        • rendas 11/21/2022 at 08:20 AM

          Please do not buy anything where this email " service10 " be envolved.
          For the people who already bought forget the money or any possible refund

          This is a Fraud !!!

      • Report #532298 08/10/2022 at 03:19 PM

        Vintage Sewing machine chair
        Your order has been received!

        Jul 26, 2022, 2:57 PM
        to me

        Thank you for your order

        Hi Mary,

        Just to let you know -- we've received your order #220558618, and it
        is now being processed:

        Order Serial No.:220558618
        Order Date: July 27,2022

        Sewing Chair In other Sewing x 1 = 63


        Total $63.00



        Mary Murphy
        1915 Rineyville School Rd
        Rineyville, KY 40162-9485

        Thanks for using! All orders will be shipped within 3
        working days.

        Mary Murphy
        Aug 9, 2022, 5:21 PM (21 hours ago)
        to Sherry

        Please email me

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym :

        • DZHURKOVA 08/11/2022 at 09:23 AM

          This comment is written in a different language than the report. It is hidden for comfort reasons
          Click here to view it anyway...

        • Joëlle ROBALDO 08/16/2022 at 01:05 PM

          I would like to Know where is my purchase OS514513635187428 for France on 30 juillet 2022 . Thanks

        • Boo 08/20/2022 at 09:27 PM

          Yes it is absolutely a scam. They have some sort of access to usps tracking numbers. They find one that has a package going to your area code. The tracking number doesnt contain items nor does it list where the item is coming from or where its going. So its going to show that your item was delivered. Paypal isnt going to return your money due to the fact that the seller uploaded tracking information. Warning stay away from them Im just thankful I only lost 36 dollars, I pray for those the ordered more expensive items

      • Louise 08/19/2022 at 12:48 AM

        I too have been a victim of this disgusting SCAM business. We ordered a pair of Muck Boot wellington boots, and paid for them with the delivery to New Zealand. Kept waiting, looking forward to my new boots, so comfortable! When we tracked the delivery, stated delivered, whilst our adult daughter was looking after our elderly dog at our home. No boots, NZ post said they had delivered them, but no such thing had occurred. Then suddenly remembered some cheap sun glasses, had arrived (not ordered) and put in the charity shop box, "surprise" the 'Scammers' had used the same delivery number. So really good boots ordered; cheap sunglasses sent. Luckily we worked out 'scam' before we gave them our bank details for a 40% refund.

      • Report #539246 08/29/2022 at 10:45 PM

        Nikes (Jordan’s) ray bans diamond Macys jewelry. Established in 2018, is the world's premier sneaker and streetwear marketplace. We're founded and staffed by sneaker connoisseurs with deep histories in the products we sell. We make it easier to buy and sell premium footwear, apparel, and accessories.

        Our is a consignment store, which means individuals bring in their own supply of products for us to sell on their behalf. Each and every item is authenticated and verified to be in n...
        The address listed is for a Firestone Tire Shop.

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : Established in 2018, Is My Store

      • Report #541507 09/04/2022 at 03:06 PM

        Bought a pair of Shoes and paid through Pay Pall but was not redirected back to the merchant site and got the strange confirmation message without order number from email.
        here is a contact info provided on the site 20 W Kimberly Rd
        320 W Kimberly Rd, Davenport, IA 52806, USA
        320 W Kimberly Rd
        320 W Kimberly Rd, Davenport, IA 52806, USA

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : Louise Philip

      • mmoore 09/06/2022 at 11:40 PM

        when you select paypal this scammer will direct you to pay family and friends instead of a purchase then never mail product then when you call paypal they cannot help you.

      • Report #546015 09/15/2022 at 08:27 AM

        They are selling SUPREME brand clothing and items, after order i have received emails from 3 different suspicious addresses. ( money transferred to ”GACIMPROVEMENTS” they provide their email at but their email doesnt exist. I lost 70 euros beaware! They are scamming under multiple companies names! Today i got email from ”” It is listed as scam too at this website.

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym :

        Here is the email from

      • Indy 09/16/2022 at 07:51 AM

        same here... I ordered a pair of sneakers and received a fisherman's hat... thanks to this website I found about out the scam!

      • Report #546830 09/17/2022 at 01:42 PM

        Ordered two 1:18 scale die cast cars received a Cartier fake 1 oz weight size ring. Scammed $85.

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : Gotoshoping

        Scammers fake customer service email

        • Slim 09/28/2022 at 07:02 PM

          On kelly wordlaw and I order a pro leg stretching machine from it Ben over three weeks and I have not heard anything back from them they mailing address is 320 w Kimberly road davenport la 52806 kelly my order was$33.00 plus $8.00 tax total $41.00 and I ain't heard nothing from them yet it Ben over three weeks

      • Report #547762 09/20/2022 at 11:08 AM

        Purchased a high chair, I thought. Billing on credit card was charged to, an electronic device store.
        Fake site

        Url / Website :

      • Report #547924 09/21/2022 at 01:28 AM
        Everything is on the youtube clip clip

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym :

      • Report #552218 10/04/2022 at 12:06 PM

        A fraudulent online store claims to be selling clothes for both men and women.
        At first glance, one can see that all the items are on sale at very low prices. Most importantly, the email address they provided is connected to another fraudulent website already reported here, which makes the website suspicious. to be avoided at all costs.

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : Topsize

        low priced items

      • Report #552341 10/04/2022 at 09:34 PM

        It’s set up like a legit website.
        Beware scam almost got me . Something told me look for reviews there you go scam scam scam. I hope this website get shut down.

        Url / Website :
        Telephone : +19015265261

      • Report #552392 10/05/2022 at 03:34 AM

        Clothing online store selling items with very low prices.
        The photographs are being copied from another fraudulent website.
        The email address provided is also, connected to many fraudulent websites surely created by the same scammer.
        the business address provided is fake.
        check the reports below:

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : Tootsale

        • Matt 11/22/2022 at 07:47 PM

          Bought shoes months ago from this site. Tried to contact store but realised the email address was fake. Should have known, the prices were too good to be true.

        • LIAL 11/26/2022 at 06:30 PM

          Bought shoes and never received them. Contacted seller 2x but emails bounced back. I have now opened a dispute with my credit card provider.

      • Report #554194 10/10/2022 at 09:20 AM

        Selling discounted Swedish brands. Put in an order for 700 SEK ($70), they charged my bank 900 SEK ($90) with currency conversion fees. Currency is in Chinese Yuan.

        Goods never arrived. Impossible to contact to ask for a refund.

        Company seems to be based in China and not Sweden.

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym :

      • Report #554819 10/12/2022 at 12:02 AM

        To whom it may concern,
        I placed an order to buy a dark navy blue t-shirt of $37 dollars from that website on October the 6th, 2022 and since then I haven't receive any email response from that website about my order or tracking number. Their email address is still unresponsive for days already which is very frustrated. Now I'm really worry about that the above mentioned website is a scam. How can I get my $37 dollars back? Thank you for your support.
        I would like to get my full refund back to my Mastercard no matter how. Thank you.

        Url / Website :

      • Report #557425 10/18/2022 at 04:16 PM

        shopping website showing a variety of items, bike helmets, sneakers, sports items
        Placed an order for a bike helmet on this site. It was listed as $65 wiht frees hipping and a 5% discount. My debit card was charged $96.41 and another attempt to withdraw over $900 which was more than the account had in it My bank texted me immediately and put a hold on the card. I am disputng the charge of $96.41. The website shows a location map of the great lakes- Chicag0 or Cleveleand. The copmany is actually in Bejin China. Email is fake

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : Go To Shopping

      • Report #559024 10/22/2022 at 06:28 PM

        Acquistate scarpe.
        Addebito superiore all'ordine fatto.
        Operazione nn autorizzata e passata direttamente all'addebito.
        Email di contatto inesistente
        Spero che facciamo una brutta fine

      • Report #560577 10/26/2022 at 04:54 PM

        Scam online store purchased item: kappa jacket.
        I placed an order on an online store and the item did not arrive, when I contacted them for explanations the email address was non-existent.

        Url / Website :
        Pseudonym : service10

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