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Scam contentsNew name for worldtoexpress
Comment / ReviewExactly the same Website as Worldtoexpress but with name changed. Presumably because Worldtoexpress is now a busted scam.

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    • cheated 05/18/2022 at 06:26 PM

      do not deal with them. I cannot reach them, I have no mower and they got paid.....

    • Scammers 06/06/2022 at 06:54 AM

      The scam seems to be that your item is held by customs at UK Airport, they then want you to pay more for release, don't bother you ain't gonna get it

    • Sue 06/12/2022 at 12:17 PM

      Purchased a grill that was shipped with Airboy Express. I am now suspecting this site and Airboy Express are part of a fraudulent business scamming people out of money. We have not received our grill and it is well past the delivery date.

    • Kw 06/13/2022 at 08:20 AM

      Ordered garden furniture tracked with air boy express waited ages and still not received

    • skeeter 06/14/2022 at 07:50 AM

      bought a generator from NAMELAS which is a scam they used airboy as shipping from France. Never got the generator

    • Gladiator 06/15/2022 at 09:50 AM

      Ordered pair of trainers for my daughter almost 7 weeks ago and still not received. It says that the item has arrived at my local sorting centre on 6th June.

      Definitely something is wrong and you can't get hold of them.

    • KP 06/16/2022 at 06:35 PM

      I had similar problem - never received a pair of sandals from France - it says it is in transit 30 days later..

    • Bobby 06/17/2022 at 01:10 PM

      Been waiting on a much needed Phone, still haven’t received it yet as it is waiting on customs here in Spokane. No update or anything! Scammers!!!!

    • lts 06/17/2022 at 05:41 PM

      purchased a garden item and still not received it. been waiting 40+ days. say's it in "local" distribution center. Scam!

    • Harrell 06/18/2022 at 01:25 PM

      Purchased tires from them over 6 weeks ago. Tracking shows them in local distribution center. Can't get ahold of anyone. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!

    • Upset man 06/18/2022 at 05:24 PM

      It’s scrap I ordered tire from French pass 30 daynot received no massage or shipping update it said waiting custom inspection don’t go this company

    • Sandy 06/20/2022 at 12:49 AM

      hmmm I ordered shoes - early in May, have a tracking slip saying at my local dispatch centre, im begging to wonder if this is a scam. they have been paid. This is the first time I have been scammed, very disappointed.

    • Charlie 06/21/2022 at 06:44 PM

      ordered shades. not have it.

    • skate 06/22/2022 at 11:31 AM

      I ordered shoes from on 5/8/22. I don't have them as of 6/22/22. airboyexpress says they are "Stranded at customs" Credit card companies do not allow disputes if items are on hold at customs. The scammers seem to have figured this out. They are telling us they are on hold at customs so that we can not dispute the charges. I have confidence that my credit card company will figure this out and not let them scam me! Maybe?

    • Debbie 06/22/2022 at 07:22 PM

      Purchase baby formula from a France it made it to my town but has a delivery exception. Definitely a scam but they got their money.

    • DallasK 06/23/2022 at 11:55 PM

      I bought some shoes for Dan near 200 dollars and been waiting for two months. All it says it’s at my local airport. No way to reach them

    • Leslie 06/27/2022 at 02:48 PM

      I ordered K swiss tennis shoes from France back on May 20. They say they have cleared customs, and it has said “delivery exception Marina del Rey” since June 19. Sent five emails to the company with no response. Going to cancel my credit card order.

    • K_K 06/28/2022 at 03:25 AM

      We got scamed too. Ordered shoes but never recived them.

      Did anyone file a report on them? And if did, where to report? Is there a way to get money back?

    • Jay NZ 07/03/2022 at 02:33 AM

      Ordered a Canada Goose beanie more than 7 weeks ago and still not there. Had delays in customs at various airports and got hopeful, but the last tracking was „delivery exeption“ ?? No way to contact anyone. Guess I have been scammed.

    • elwood 07/03/2022 at 03:15 PM

      when you have mastercard you are protected against fraud
      as a mastercard holder, zero liability applies to your purchases,
      the above two lines are quote from mastercard website.
      fight back people, deal with mastercard or visa directly, not with the store that issued the card.

    • FarTallKnight 07/03/2022 at 03:40 PM

      **SCAM** They have vanished off the face of the earth, stitched me up for £129 fortunately I used a credit card so I am taking it up with the credit car company under section 75 of the consumer credit act. This was the first time I have ever been scammed and it will be the last!

    • Razif 07/07/2022 at 05:19 AM

      I had similar problem - never received 2 pair of sandals from US - it says it is in transit 30 days later..
      Buy 23/5/2022
      Deducted money - 31/5/2022
      Item pending at my local sorting centre site from 20/5/2022

    • KMVS1993 07/29/2022 at 12:53 PM

      Fake shipping company used by fraud website, Do not use either.


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