Social Media Scam : +14582563351 Fake facebook account (Vanessa)


PseudonymFake facebook account (Vanessa)
Telephone+1 458-256-3351 (ou 0014582563351) (more info)
Scam contents+1 (458) 256-3351:
I have more than 20 facebook accounts you just reported an account I have 19 facebook accounts left and I know all your friends and your place of work wherever you go you can't escape me because with your phone number I collected all your information so I advise you to keep calm and say an amount that you can have now if you really want this video story to stay between me and you because if I ever decide to act it will be fine for you create big problems in your life

Tyler Nelson:
I don't work since I am disabled and legally blind.

+1 (458) 256-3351:

Tyler Nelson:

+1 (458) 256-3351:
listen to me very well you know that the video can ruin the rest of your life i am able to make your life hell so to make sure that happens tell me the amount you can pay and i will delete your video

Tyler Nelson:
I have $57 in my bank account I am on disability asshole I have 120$ a month to eat with so I dont have any money to send you

+1 (458) 256-3351:
I will start sharing the link of your naked video now it's time to decide or never

Tyler Nelson:
How is this going to ruin my life I am a man and a girl video chatted me for some fun big deal. I don't care fucking upload it mother fucker

+1 (458) 256-3351:
you will pay the sum of $ 150 now where you keep your money I will publish your video I listen to you

Tyler Nelson:
Your dumb read the message I wrote.

+1 (458) 256-3351:
In case you think I am threatening or blackmailing you, I would like to remind you that you are the pedophile, and I just need to start posting the video to all channels and your family, friends, all your rabies, and you will also lose your dignity towards everyone and it may ruin your whole life, because everyone hates pedophiles, and I'm just trying to help you if you really want this matter settled between you and me , so if you think I'm threatening you then we stop talking and I'll act according to the law, is that what you want ??

Tyler Nelson:
No you said you we're 22 that is legal ass hole I have now reported you Facebook and messenger and I am on the phone with the police now so its fine with me I did nothing wrong

+1 (458) 256-3351:
keep your money but I warn you that you will be solely responsible for what will happen to you I have finished talking

Tyler Nelson:
I'm on the phone with police now reporting your phone they will find you I have all of the information

+1 (458) 256-3351:
I'm 16 I'm going to take my mother we're going to the police together now

Tyler Nelson:
Lie's you said 22 and your not even the person in the video you are someone with ESL
Perfect the police can all talk to each other and see that you are trying to blackmail me which is very illegal

+1 (458) 256-3351:
I see that $150 is more better than your life as you want to talk about the law I will show you that I know the law and I have relations everywhere with the police you will see with your own eyes how this story will end

Tyler Nelson:
I am already off the phone you number has been reported with all the evidence of the video and all the messages.


+1 (754) 348-4202:
Hello sir, I’m Mr Schulz and I’m a Youtube service agent so we noticed the presence of a publication of a video containing your nudity on our Youtube platform a few minutes ago published by an anonymous account so we kindly ask you to remove it as soon as possible because our Youtube site does not host this kind of video because I inform you that the Youtube site is visited by several people including minors around the world. Therefore, your act offends the sensitivity of all its young Youtube visitors.
I also inform you that we had taken security measures to stop all those who will publish this kind of video on our Youtube site so be sure to remove your naked video if you do not want a problem.
Thank you for understanding.

Tyler Nelson:
And this number will also be reported to the police for further harassment.
Comment / ReviewThis person sent me a message on Facebook messenger wanting to do an adult fun video chat. The person then took screenshots of my nude images and instantly tried to hold me ransom for $6500. I deactivated my Facebook and this person went on and sent my sister and nephew some images on messenger. I reported all the messages and blocked the person. They then sent me text messages demanding money I told them to go ahead and send away as I didn't really care as I'm single and there was nothing bad in the images as it was supposed to be consentual fun. I just want to report the phone numbers that they used to hopefully stop them from doing it to someone else. heres the phone numbers they used. 1-458-256-3351 and 1-754-348-4202. I was only bluffing and didn't bother calling the police since I have nothing to hide.

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