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PseudonymJay Punnd
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5:32 PM (1 hour ago)
to Ericacupidstar

Hello Erica

Accept warm greetings from the GLOBAL PRO LOGISTICS COMPANY, the world's
no.1 Logistics company in the land, sea, and air freight forwarding
since 2009.

Your package is ON HOLD at the Richmond International Airport (RIC), 1
Richard E Byrd Terminal Dr, Richmond, VA 23250, USA and needs immediate
action from you so that it could be put back on transit.
The FDA had to go through the package.

Once this package got to the airport, there was a routine check, all
packages had to pass through the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) for
proper check. From all indications, this has been a regular check in the
state which happens to be one of your package transit state for some
reason best known to their jurisdiction. This department has the duty of
reviewing the result of laboratory, animal, and human clinical testing
of packages getting into the state at the airport. According to the FDA,
the most assured way for them to do this is by tearing open the package
and conducting the stipulated test. This test will be registered,
confirmed, documented and a certificate called the FDA CERTIFICATE will
be issued.

In other words, any package that is legally backed with this document
doesn't have to go through all this process, rather we will just have to
present the document. We are informing you about this because of the
terms in which your package was shipped, it was clearly stated that it
shouldn't be opened by anyone. but this can't hold at this point where
the state and law are involved. So, as of now, the only option we have
now is to procure your POST CHECK FDA certificate without your package been opened for the test to be conducted.

To procure this document, you will have to pay a 98% refundable sum of
$350 for this certificate. This means you will be getting your package +
the $343 you paid for this document. the remaining 2% will be used for
the documentation and paperwork.

It is called a POST FDA certificate because it will show that this
package has gone through this test at a previous transit airport before
getting to the present airport. As such it will give us the upper hand
to issue this document and let the FDA release this package.

NOTE: The Importance of FDA registration. The Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) is an agency within the U.S. Department of Health
and Human Services. ... The FDA is also responsible for the safety and
security of most of our nation's food supply, all cosmetics, dietary
supplements, and products that give off radiation.
Comment / ReviewI called the merchant, who instructed me to pay $350 for an item I ordered from them that they are aware I never received.

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