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Url / Websitehttps://bitcorebtx26.xyz/h5/#/
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Telephone07 53 81 62 03 (more info)
Scam contentsA person contacted me on a dating app and after talking he wanted to help me learn about crypto. We started out on Binance then moved to a btx platform. I Googled the platforms and things looked ok and after trading once we moved stuff back to Binance and it went well so it seemed ok. Next time we left it in the btx wallet to save fees. Third time I was moving it back to Binance to transfer to my bank account and it stated the assets were frozen on btx. Noe they are asking me to pay a fee to release the assets and won't let me use what is already on their platform despite only half being Frozen.
Comment / ReviewI could really use your help as it's most of my savings. I'd be happy to provide information for you and to help others.

  • My wallet which is only partly frozen
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  • +33 7 53 81 62 03
Telephone companyLycamobile SARL