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Scam contentsthere website is fake and suspicious , they will take your money and lure you a profit witch you will end it up " Untouchable for you " The money will stay in there website and they will play with your money until the website will be down . Resulting loosing all your investment ! Beware
Comment / ReviewI has been approached By a Lady call Jiang Yue with pseudo Jenny , she called me ,and sent a message mistaking me as another person using the WhatsApp. Saying that the person missed the number by 1 digit. After having some conversation with this person. We start talking about investment on cryptocurrency by doing 30 second trade. Since I started about a month as a new user, I was interested to learn. So, she told me to download coinbase and go to to download the app as well on my Iphone .This website has been shutt down anrd replaced with I started by adding money to the CME app and she showed me about short/long trades and that we will trade base on my funds which is about 10%. After having an asset of many Thousand us dollars USDC, she mentioned that the market will be good in a specific day so that's the day to add more USDC to gain higher income. Keep in mind I've did some 30 min trade my self on the app and I won like two but I was losing money to see if this is fake. So, I added 1K and we increase it to 3K and we started to do 60 second trade which 50% back. after a month I have Thousands of dollars so I was like let me withdraw $5000 and thats when The system has Block me for all my questions and they steeled my money .The transfer to Coinbase has never took place and They transferred my money to CMEGRO.TOP

. I did research and contact RIS and I was able to get an accurate answer if this Scam , i did forward my Experience with CME group in Chicago ,they told me that all document and Wattsapp exchenged texto and evidences are all copied and put on there legal desk and also foward to the Federal Trading Commission . The lady is on Instagram on jiangyue937 and her email is Phone number 607 284 8724
Beware if you received an email from" " IT IS NOT FROM CME GROUP.COM !


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    • cobra 10/24/2021 at 09:04 PM

      i dont trust anyone on the internet

    • Jim 11/03/2021 at 03:43 AM

      Everything documented in this warning is true! I wish I would have discovered it weeks ago. I lost 350k with an asset value of 900k. Please do not engage with these sick people! They are a professional group scamming people!

      • cobra 11/08/2021 at 02:06 AM

        The Low life Chinees girl who tried to scam me more got caught in the corner and painted ! She is leaving into getto streets and sleeping on a dumpster box with a steal phone . She will NO longer treat me to scam money . But NO authority will do something to stop that shit.

    • PeterKhvann 11/06/2021 at 06:24 PM

      The CNE Griup out of Chicago is not going to do shit. I reported to them back in august. As far as I’m concerned they are probably part of this scam. Why would a public traded company allow their trademark be used in such a fashion and not do anything about it. CME Group literally stop responding to my emails

      • cobra 11/07/2021 at 04:57 PM

        Well, i am from the old School ! I am NOT able to Scam and steal peoples like i has been involved ! IT IS LEGAL to steal and IT IS LEGAL to Scam ! NO One will do anything's against Those MOBSTERS! All this Crypto and Coinbase who are dealing with those criminals WILL DO NOTHING as well ! That is a crazy and LOW LIFE world peoples!

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