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Scam contentsBitcoin platform, investment made are never returned...!
Comment / ReviewMoney invested never returned. Penalties based on unknown rules ...!

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      • Behemoth 01/05/2021 at 01:21 PM

        It's a scam.
        If i want to withdraw my money.
        Not fair i passed through level 1 verification and for the level 2 i have to get a VIP status by having 10.000 usd in deposit funds.
        What can i do to get my money back?

      • Reese 01/13/2021 at 09:52 AM

        It's a fucking scam until proven otherwise.
        I can't withdraw my money (deposit and profits), no one explains how this site works!
        The customer service never responds.
        Don't fall for this website until proven it's not a scam!
        For now, i have been robbed of my money and no one gives me an exact answer!

      • Reese 01/14/2021 at 01:17 PM

        The platform is down.
        They got the investment made by us the blind sheep and closed the platform.

      • almeip 01/16/2021 at 06:46 AM

        I am also having a lot of difficulties to withdraw the money I invested and most probably I will lost everything.
        Can you share how did you get in touch with this trading platform?
        This was recommended to me by a analyst who uses their platfom for the trade deals, Im still trying to know if she is also fake or not...

        They changed again they web address, the new one is

      • Xela 01/16/2021 at 10:12 PM

        I am in the same situation. I put 9 thousand usd in the platform and can't not withdraw. The woman (who pushed me to "invest" here) said that I need to put more money to be able to withdraw. It is a scam.

        • almeip 01/17/2021 at 01:14 PM

          Do you know more information about the platform?
          Maybe we can file a complaint in the police in case they continue nto refuse the release of the funds...

        • Xela 01/23/2021 at 11:30 AM

          Hi Dear!
          I know that the platform have constantly updates (the woman told me that it is due to "security" reasons but of course this is not the reason). I have this one: (which is not available anymore). The woman said that her name is Li Na (+44 7588 538382) from China living in London (She told me that she works as a senior analysist in the Standard Chartered Bank in London). I have some pics of her (we were in contact by WA but it is likely that such pics are fake). There is another whatsapp number in the "software": +972 59 3691137 (where never respond). My email is this one: Yes, definitely we need to go to the police.

        • cLyyDe 04/15/2021 at 12:12 PM

          Did you already get in contact with each other? I also would join the team!

      • Burina 01/17/2021 at 02:24 PM

        Mňa taktiež tlačila zena aby som investoval viac že sa to bude dať potom vybrať ale neverím tomu mne sa už nedá ani prihlásiť určite je to podvod

      • Josef 01/18/2021 at 01:34 PM

        Very bad. I was forced to invest. I sent there nearly all my savings - 40000 dollars. I said them, that these money are for scholarship for my small daughter and for son of my friend, who suffer from very bad disease and i wanted to buy him better therapy and save his life. They stole everything. I even have the real photo of one analyst, who sent me that photo from office in front of computer. Other photos were fake. This is very bad. Never trust chinese and jew people

        • almeip 01/18/2021 at 01:37 PM

          Hello Josef, I was also victim of this gang and I feel very bad right now.
          Maybe we can join forces and gather further information that could lead the authorities to act against them... Do you have whatsapp nr?

        • christian90 01/20/2021 at 11:15 AM

          hello josef!
          please write me and tell me your story.
          If we join together, we can file a complaint and do something.
          This is my email address:

      • Chris 01/18/2021 at 05:07 PM

        good evening.
        I am a young Italian boy and like you they pushed me to invest all my savings.
        I have the WhatsApp number and the photo of the woman (I don't know if it's real or not).
        how did it go to you ?!
        have you been scammed ??!
        answer me please !!!!

      • christian90 01/22/2021 at 04:48 AM

        I wanted to report this scam.
        I was contacted by an oriental girl (in my opinion it wasn't her) who invested in bitcoins, she is an analyst and would have assured me a return of 40%.
        He made me earn something and then he spent me paying more and more money, I paid precisely 6500 euros.
        when I wanted to withdraw I was told that it was not possible because I was not a VIP client (to be a VIP client I had to pay 20000 dollars on the platform).
        obviously i won't get my money back, but please don't fall for this scam.

      • Peter 01/25/2021 at 05:18 PM

        Hi everybody,

        I finally found people who have the same problem. Because so far I have been against these scammer myself. I've been fighting it since the summer of 2020 and I still can't get my money back. I invested around € 40,000. It's probably a group of people who rob us of honest people. Everything is run by an Asian woman. She introduced herself to me as HUA YUNER from South Korea, working in Hong Kong. Divorced with daughter. Nickaname Elsa. Probably she got more phone numbers and more fake names.
        I also found it under the name JIN PINRU.
        Investing in BTC is a big scam. You can never withdraw your money because you are still breaking the rules you set yourself. They change login pages regularly. They justify it as a maintenance. It's a fake. If they rob you, they'll block your number on whatsapp. Support number never answers.
        The problem is that no one knows the exact identity of the Asian woman. I dealt with it through a law firm in Hong Kong and they couldn't help me with that. We need to find a way to unite and fight it. Beware of other fraudulent sites that promise to return your money. There are many of them. Be careful.

        What are your suggestions for solving this problem?

      • Secmen 01/30/2021 at 06:10 AM

        I invested 36 000 USD worth of BTC on this platform, which made me believe they are a VIP platform and verbally stated that the monthly profit rate will not be less than 40%, when I wanted to withdraw some of my money, but that is not possible yet andThey said I had to increase my funds to USD 80 000, (initially there was no such rule) I realized that this platform is fraudulent, they still want money from me to get my money back, I applied to the police, but there are other people like me with themI would like to act together,

        • cLyyDe 04/15/2021 at 12:13 PM

          Did you have any success with the police or did you get in contact with anyone here? I would like to join the team. I was also scammed but those idiots.

      • Smith 01/30/2021 at 07:52 AM

        I believe we can join forces and track them down, Their website is down meaning they are fraudulent. I'm already working with a team to help track them down. You can add them on WhatsApp +1 (918) 553 0568

      • Jonas 02/11/2021 at 07:41 PM

        Hi everybody!

        Unfortunately we all are victims of the same individuals or the group of criminals.

        I myself was invited by Chinese woman Lina, who is supposed to be an analyst at this site. We talked via Whatsapp and I have her three phone numbers (two from Hong Kong, one from the UK) which are now all blind. I even have some of her voice messages.

        She insisted that I invest at least 5K if I wanted to be her client. Being suspicious, I wanted her that she also invest at least half of fund to my account. She easily did. This happened last December. Soon after that, she closed all her phone numbers and stopped answering.
        Two weeks ago they blocked my account and after that changed the page address and I no longer have access to my account.
        I made contact to customer service via Whatsapp number which is in Israel. I still manage to get in touch from time to time and I’m sure the same person is communicating, i.e. Lina.
        This person requires me to make a deposit of at least 3K to an account on the platform and then be given access to the account.
        Its a scam and i believe we all lost all our money.

        • almeip 02/13/2021 at 05:11 AM


          Can you tell customer service to send you the localbitcoins account as you are considering doing the deposit? if they have an account in this platform the police can easily ask localbitcoins to provide the personal details behind the account.

      • Alex 02/21/2021 at 02:16 PM

        Hello everyone, it's a well engineered scam and unfortunately there are not many ways to recover our money if they won't refund it. There's still some light of hope as all transactions are registered on the blockchain and maybe in the future (when the entire sector will be more regulated) authorities might be able to find these scammers... all the best to everyone.

      • Mr Max 02/25/2021 at 10:20 AM

        They have opened another website and still pressuring people to invest so they will scam them...I knew right from time that this was scam and never invested I guess what they are going is chatting up the people that never invested and telling them the site was under maintenance and save for them to invest now...
        It's all scam she gave me the new website

        • almeip 02/26/2021 at 05:20 AM

          Thank you Mr. Max.
          Do you know any method of tracing their physical local through their mobile phone numbers or any other form of locate them?

      • ADFeloc 03/15/2021 at 01:45 PM

        Another clue, they are using Tinder for this

      • cLyyDe 04/12/2021 at 02:51 PM

        I also got scammed by this person or group of people. Let's team up together and try to get our money back. I am in contact with a firm who now looks for more scammed people like me. The police in HongKong wont help
        Please contact me

      • Ontos 05/06/2021 at 12:10 PM

        Hello Guys

        I have the same problems of all, a girl contact to me, she say that live in Londor but she;s from China, the name is the same Li Na and she said that like to say Anna, I have the number and one mail, I invested around of 13k USD and now I cant withdrawn any BTC, I sent some message to the Cutomer services and respond occasionally. somebody have a response? thanks to all

      • mstmtn 05/06/2021 at 02:14 PM

        They swindled me too. She said her name is anna. he said he lives in london. He said it was Chinese, I still have the entries. I have an investment of 40000 dollars. They say that when I want to withdraw my money, I have to make a deposit. If there is a whatsapp group, I also want to join. We have to reach this Anna. we must act together. Let's get our money back friends

      • mstmtn 05/12/2021 at 06:01 PM

        isn't there anyone to help us find these scammers guys. we need to get our money back

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