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Job Scam : Lisa Jennings


PseudonymLisa Jennings
Url / Website
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Scam contentsHi Paul,

I hope you are well.

Thanks for your interest in working with our team. We can do a trial call to see if you are a good fit for this job position. For your trial call, you’ll contact a client of ours which is a Pest control company. The client has expressed concerns about their phone reps not handling calls in a more friendly and welcoming manner. Your job will be evaluating the performance of the rep during the call.

Please complete the trial call as soon as possible and submit your feedback which will be reviewed by our HR department. Spots are becoming limited.


If your trial call was successful based on the quality of the feedback you provided then you will be offered a full time / part time position and will be paid $50 - $80 for each successful phone evaluation call. You can expect to earn anywhere between $150 - $750 per week depending on availability and quality. Our top performers earn between $1,000 - $1,500 per week.

*** IMPORTANT Note *** The phone rep cannot know you’re doing an evaluation call as that defeats the purpose of why the clients hired us. Do NOT ask for the rep's name either as that tips them off sometimes. Also, please don't contact the client to ask about this open position as they have nothing to do with our hiring. Doing so will disqualify your job application immediately.



Call Type: Pest Control

Number to Call:

1(833) 429-1057

Operation Hours:

Monday - Sunday: 8:00am - 9:00pm EST

** If you experience any difficulties making this trial call please let us know and we will look into sending you another trial call offer. And please make sure to call between the operation hours.


Please call and you should be automatically connected and prompted to enter your zip code (if there is a prompt asking you to select a number to continue for getting new quote please press that number). If call fails or no rep available or hang up and try ONCE more (NOT A THIRD TIME), if the same problem happens please email me.

Upon contacting the client say you're having pest issues at home such as Bed bugs,ants,termites,mice,cockroaches,fruit flies,centipedes,wasps,bees,mosquitoes,spiders,lice,silverfish and firebrats just to name a few. No animal control should be mentioned. They'll ask some basic questions ... Simply provide normal/real answers as if you were really interested in getting a quote.

You can ask questions about the type of procedures, the frequency of treatments and if there’s any side effects. The main point is to talk as much as you can and get to know about the treatment available in regards to the situation you initiated.

After you've received enough information and the plan/pricing options, say you need to think about it (shopping around, discuss with my family etc.) and will contact them back if interested. If they offer a free inspection or if they quote less than what you are used to currently and actually have pest issues or know someone that needs it feel free to take advantage of it as we have had calls like that happen and saved people money. We in no way require or ask you to sign up. That is your own choice.

In case they ask that where did you find their number then tell that you were searching on google about pest control/exterminators and got their number. (Do NOT mention our job ad).


Once done send an email back to us with the number that you used to call, the time of the call and summary of the conversation (include a rating from 1-10 on how friendly and helpful the agent was). I'll then follow-up with the client right away to verify the call. Looking forward to seeing how the call goes. Please make sure you call between the work hours.

Thanks and talk soon!

Lisa J
HR Manager

*** Please Note *** the phone rep cannot know you’re doing a secret shopper call as that defeats the purpose of why the clients hired us. Do NOT ask for the rep's name either as that tips them off sometimes. Also, please don't contact the client to ask about this open position as they have nothing to do with our hiring.
Comment / ReviewI saw a job ad (Mystery Shopper) posted on Craigslist (the ad has since been flagged for removal).

I submitted my email to volunteer for a trial call as a mystery shopper, and received the email (above) with instructions to call 1(833) 429-1057 which they said was a pest control company.

Before making the trial call, I googled the phone number and found a matching website for a pest control company.

I then checked the Whois date via (scam and cross-checked it with the Whois data for hidden (which is the mystery shopper company named in the email address of Lisa Jennings, HR Manager).

The whois data for both websites match, originating in Panama.

I didn't proceed any further.

Reporting it here instead.

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    • Alyson 05/12/2021 at 11:57 AM

      Thanks for reporting this. I've been trying to find more info about the company, as I got the exact same email you did but never followed up because the website it first sent me to from Craigslist seemed kinda shady. I would think there'd be more negative reviews about them if it was really a scam, but then again I can't even find a website with that name...and the pay is suspiciously high ~ never heard of anyone making $750 ~ $1500 per week from mystery shopping!! Is that too good to be true or what?!


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